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  1. You Jerk Chicken (Salad)
    You Jerk Chicken (Salad)
    Jerk Chicken, coconut lime vinaigrette, mangoes, carrots, cranberries, coconut, feta cheese, Spinach
  2. Run Wild Chicken (Salad)
    Run Wild Chicken (Salad)
    Grilled Chicken, Balsamic Vinaigrette, carrots, quinoa, sweet potatoes, trail mix, eggs, Spinach
  3. The Brain Food (Salad)
    The Brain Food (Salad)
    Snapper or (Salmon $.50), Curried Avocado Aoli, carrots, peanuts, raisins, apples, peppers, spinach
  4. Sol Caesar chicken (Salad)
    Sol Caesar chicken (Salad)
    Cajun Chicken, caesar, mozzarella cheese, turkey bacon, croutons, quinoa, mixed Greens
  5. The Brazilian (Salad)
    The Brazilian (Salad)
    Cajun Tofu, Tomato Vinaigrette, broccoli, peppers, mushrooms, black beans, mozzarella, almonds, spinach
  6. Balsamic Linguine (Bowl)
    Balsamic Linguine (Bowl)
    balsamic vinaigrette, broccoli, peppers, mushrooms, spinach, feta
  7. Iron Born Pesto Penne (Bowl)
    Iron Born Pesto Penne (Bowl)
    pesto vinaigrette, sweet potatoes, zucchini, carrots, cauliflower, mozarella
  8. La Rioja Paella (Bowl)
    La Rioja Paella (Bowl)
    jasmine brown rice, lentils, tomatoes, red peppers, broccoli, mushrooms, feta cheese
  9. Greens & Proteins Steak (Salad)
    Greens & Proteins Steak (Salad)
    Grilled balsamic Steak, balsamic vinaigrette, kidney & black beans, mozzarella, trail mix, eggs, mixed greens
  10. Curry Jerk (Bowl)
    Curry Jerk (Bowl)
    jasmine brown rice, lentils, bean medley, zucchini, califlower, carrots
  11. Bourbon Street Creole (Bowl)
    Bourbon Street Creole (Bowl)
    pick quinoa or cauliflower rice, spinach, creole sauce (chickpeas, black, pinto, kidney beans, carrots)
  12. Sweet Chili Pad Thai
    Sweet Chili Pad Thai
    pick quinoa or cauliflower rice, mixed greens, eggs, zucchini, cauliflower, carrots peanuts
  13. English Bay BLT (Wrap)
    English Bay BLT (Wrap)
    Whole wheat or gluten free wrap curried avocado aioli, pacific seafood salad, carrots, turkey bacon, tomatoes
  14. The Jerk (Wrap)
    The Jerk (Wrap)
    Whole wheat or gluten free wrap jerk sauce, grilled chicken, spinach, red peppers, carrots, bean medley
  15. Pesto &  Roasted Vegetable (Wrap)
    Pesto & Roasted Vegetable (Wrap)
    Whole wheat or gluten free wrap pesto vinaigrette, hummus, zuchinni, carrots, cauliflower, quinoa
  16. A Gaucho Bbq (Wrap)
    A Gaucho Bbq (Wrap)
    Whole wheat or gluten free wrap, sweet chilli viniagrette, steak, broccoli, carrots, jasmine brown rice, lentils
  17. Plato's Fish Taco (Sandwich)
    Plato's Fish Taco (Sandwich)
    Hard shell taco, pesto vinaigrettte, Greenhouse signature jaloux hot pepper sauce, snapper, mixed greens, red peppers, tomatoes, feta cheese
  18. High River Steak Melt (Sandwich)
    High River Steak Melt (Sandwich)
    Open faced pita naan bread, tomato vinaigrette, spinach, steak, broccoli, mushrooms, mozarella
  19. Roasted Garlic Hummus
    Roasted Garlic Hummus
    served with your choice of pita nann bread or raw vegetables (1/2 & 1/2 add: $0.50)
  20. Spinach Dip
    Spinach Dip
    served with your choice of pita nann bread or raw vegetables (1/2 & 1/2 add: $0.50)
​Welcome to our House
The Greenhouse team has always been rooted in competition. Our love for sport is only eclipsed by our passion for creating clean, healthy food. It was only natural that we combined the world of culinary arts and our love for athletics. In consultation with dietitians and nutritionists, we created a balanced, healthy menu without sacrificing flavor. At our genesis,  long before it was popular we had our calories listed on the menu and are still proud to be a transparent, clean food concept . Our motto of 80% healthy and 20% naughty is the foundation that guides all of our product creation. We serve a diversity of dishes from those looking for a lighter fare for lunch to those fueling for their workouts later in the day.     
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let the greenhouse cater your next event! looking for a healthy,  tasty option delivered to your boardroom, office, or special event? we would love to help! 

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